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Female Essay Examples

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Law enforcement and women

There has always been a stereotype separating men and women. Such as, women are not efficient enough to have a job in law enforcement and men are. Many people do not agree with this stereotype or have a different opinion towards it which can cause a disagreement between genders. The majority of people who disagree…

Is male more aggressive than female?

It is generally thought that human males tend to behave more violently and aggressively than human females – and it seems true. In United States, most of the homicides during 1980 to 2008 are males, representing 90% of the total number (United States Department of Justice, 2010), and it is also the trend in the…

Gender in Jane Eyre

“All the house belongs to me, or will do in a few years”. Discuss the significance of gender in Bronte’s portrayal of the child characters in Jane Eyre. Through my study of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, I was quick to discover that the novel is a product of its time, but also portrays revolutionary ideas…



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Ann Romney: Why Women Should be paid equal to men?

Ann Romney was asked during her speech at a Moms for Mitt meeting, “Why should women get equal pay?” The ladies of the meeting wanted her opinion on equal pay for employees based on gender. She took no time to answer the question with a response that would shock the audience into silence to hear…

Doe Season by David Michael Kaplan

There are many minor themes presented in the short story Doe Season by David Michael Kaplan, appearing in Portable Literature Seventh Edition on pages 368 through 378, however there is only one overwhelming theme presented throughout the entirety of the short story. It is through the protagonist, Andy, a nine-year-old tomboy, which the theme of…


There are many things in our life that we can compare and contrast to one another, but one subject that stands out to me would be the differences between male and female friends. We all have friends that are male and female in our life. Although, we do not really notice it sometimes but there…

Caso Camry

1) There are three types of reference group influence – informational, normative, and identification. Assuming Bianca is a representative for the group consisting of successful, urban, professional African American women, which type(s) of group influence do you see operating in this campaign? Informational influence is a potential since a member of the target group is…

Women Are Evil

Most women in history have had a hard time being taken seriously. A lot of ladies have fought to change that. We’re not talking about those women here in the present. We’re talking about the women in history who haven’t done us any favors. The topic I come before you to present is one that…

Money in Sports

My question is: should female athletes get the same privilege as males do and receive the same amount of pay in sports. Girls spend just as much time and effort in their sport and training as males do however males bring in more money buy selling merchandise and can perform longer. Points for Cons (Against)…

Marissa Mayer: How did She Succeed in Tech?

From being Google’s first engineer to being the president and CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer has always been a woman to admire when it comes to the tech world. Despite any prejudice or stereotype established by society, she is woman who had succeeded in technology and considers herself a proud “Geek”. Anyone could think that…

The opposite sex

“The opposite sex” Steven Doloff’s article, “The opposite sex?” offers an extensive look at the difference of genders. Doloff writes this article from the perspective of students from a classroom who are assigned to write an essay about being a member of the opposite sex for a day. This article focuses on the way that…

Women’s Day

Good afternoon. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be invited to speak to you today. International Women’s Day is many things – a cause for celebration, a reason to pause and re-evaluate, a remembrance, an inspiration, a time to honor loved and admired ones and in several countries – including China, Armenia, Russia, Azerbaijan,…

Pony Trap

Susan Hill the creator of the woman in black , successfully creates fear through out her novel. It comes in ebbs and flows by using different techniques throughout to build up the tension. This book is a gothic horror which is a new genre but using the traditional horror aspects, one of the first books…

Gathering Blue Essay

Kira is a girl with a twisted leg who lives in a more primitive society where people who cannot work, die. She has been kept alive by her mother, and when her mother dies, Kira is brought before the Council of Guardians. Kira’s life is spared when she proves she can weave very well, and…

Sex DIfferences

This experiment performed by the males and females in the Tuesday 4pm psychology lab, was done as a replication of the Halari et al experiment in London in 2005. The hypothesis in the original experiment was that women will, on average, gain a higher verbal fluency score than men and men will, on average, perform…

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