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Brand Essay Examples

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Established by Vietnamese entrepreneur in 1976, Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VINAMILK) is one of the largest dairy companies in Vietnam and is well – known for more than 200 milk commodities and products from milk inclusive of condensed milk, milk powder, fresh milk, ice-cream, fresh fruit juice and yoghurt. The company is a…

Prada Case Analysis

“FINANCE” Course “PRADA: TO IPO OR NOT TO IPO: THAT IS THE QUESTION, AGAIN” case analysis Brief summary of the case with the emphasis on managerial problems that Prada faces. Prada currently requires a significant amount of capital both to re-finance debt that is maturing in the next six to twelve months and to finance…

Skype vs AT&T

1) What are the dominant economic characteristics of the VoIP Industry? Public switch telephone networks (PSTN) charge based on minutes whereas Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) charges based on data usage. VoIP services charge a flat fee and Skype actually offers free talk between Skype users. VoIP is likely to grow significantly, taking away from PTSN’s…



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Report on Adidas PEST and SWOT

In this report I have tried to sketch a complete organizational picture of the adidas company. This include of current position of the company and its market share though out the world. To explain it the company’s SOWT and PEST analysis is briefly elaborated. A contrast of the Adidas with its competitors is added and…

BMW Group

Bayersiche Motoren Werke Group (BMW Group) is a German company whose operations are “focused on the premium segments of the international automobile markets (BMW Group)”. BMW Group was founded in 1916 and established its main plant and headquarters in Munich, Germany just after World War I in 1922. Those facilities exist as BMW’s headquarters and…

WingsFood Vs Indofood

Before the year 2003, Indomie domination (Indofood) in instant noodles market was unbeatable. It succeeded with hardly any competitors. Several attempts to take over the market share of instant noodle market was done by competitors and failed. Instead Indofood succeeded to defeat them. Even multinational company like Unilever which had skill to develop brand and…

Marketing Strategy of Nestle

Executive Summary Nestle foods was established in 1866. Since then it has continued to provide quality products to its customers with products and packaging innovations. Nestle juices is world wide number one and fastest growing food company. The company is trying their level best to differentiate themselves from other local companies and trying to win…

Operations Management Report on Lux Soap

Acknowledgement: We thank all those people who helped us in preparing this report. Immense hard work has been done by all the members of our group in compilation of this report. We also thank our instructor Mr Jawad Bhatti, who has helped us always by providing us with the much-needed guidance, kind behavior, moral support…

Google Inc.

Google Inc. began in 1996 as the brainchild of two bright computer science grad students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. These two intellectually gifted men met in 1995 at Stanford University where they were doing their PhDs. During their time together at Stanford, both came up with creative ways of finding and organizing large amounts…


Luxury product sales boost in the emerging marketing like China, which has extraordinary growth and strong potential consumers for the development of luxury goods in the China market. With gradually lower and lower increase of revenue in the European countries, Louis Vuitton (abridged as LV in the following sections) commits itself to set up more…

Marketing Excellence: BMW

1. What are the pros and cons to BMW’s selective target marketing? What has the firm done well over the years and where could it improve? When I see someone riding in a BMW, I know that they must be making good money. The stereotype for people who drive BMW’s is that they are rich,…

Burger King Case Study

Burger King or McDonalds? In the United States, these two companies equally compete for consumers. Americans usually favor one company over the other or just choose to eat at whichever is more convenient to them. For the American people, Burger King is as common of a household name as McDonalds. However, in Japan, the Burger…

Samsung Critical Analysis

Samsung Electronics is a consumer electronics manufacturing company based out of South Korea. Samsung Electronics ranks among the world’s largest manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, and memory chips. They produce phones with a variety of operating systems (OS) including Microsoft’s Windows, in-house OS’ Bada and Tizen, and Google’s Android. Android’s success today as the mobile industry’s…

Grant v Australian Knitting Mills

The material facts of the case: The underwear, consisting of two pairs of underpants and two siglets was bought by appellant at the shop of the respondents. The retailer had purchased them with other stock from the manufacturer. The appellant put on one suit and by the evening he felt itching on the ankles. Next…

Hong Kong Disneyland: Where Is The Magic

The case study, “Hong Kong Disneyland: Where is the Magic”, analyzed Disney’s strategic decision to expand their product into Hong Kong. Disney entered into a joint venture with the Hong Kong government to build their third international theme park. The following analysis reviews why and how Disney entered the South-East Asian market using the CAGE…

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