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Aviation Essay Examples

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Input Output Devices in Aviation

Abstract Computer technologies recognized in the video presented were as follows. LCD screens for flights, operations program used for air traffic controllers, in flight routing and revision of flight plans thru the restructure of airspaces in European airports. By using these technologies, the benefits derived from these programs are, smoother flight plans, safer takeoffs and…

Current Problems in Aviation

Each and every work field, be it management, biomedical research, medicine and many others, have problems. This is the same way aviation too has problems. In the past, there have been problems with the pilots not being attentive in there job and causing accidents. There have also been other causes of accidents such as ineffective…

General Aviation Value Analysis

The objective of this paper is to determine which transportation techniques will be cost effective for Build Delta Air. The paper employs General Aviation Value Analysis (GAVAA) to compare and access the cost and benefits associated with travelling by business aircraft, commercial airline, and automobile. The paper compares the three means of transportation, and recommends…



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Importance of Qualifications from an Aviation Manager’s Perspective

Aviation is described as aircraft operation with the objective of providing air transportation. Air transportation can further be defined as all the civil flying which is performed by air carriers which are certificated and also the general aviation. The industry of air transport can be credited for its vital role it plays in the today’s…

Aviation Analysis on International Expansion

The challenges facing aviation-related international business include the rising fuel prices, the deficiency in skilled aviation staff, economic fluctuations, heavy losses, seasonal fluctuations, and the health concerns stemming from the H1N1 virus linked to aviation emissions (ICAO & Zinnov 2007). These obstacles have to be measured against the global possibilities of an expanded market, wider…

Enrollment System

This chapter contains discussions on the methods and procedures that will be used in conducting the study. It will describe the respondents’ profile, the population and sampling techniques, the data gathering procedure to be employed, the statistical treatment to be used in treating data gathered. Research Design This study will make use of the descriptive…

Pilot Fatigue in Aviation

Aviation transport is said to be the safest transportation method by man but is challenged by incidents and accidents that resulted to tragic loss of lives and damage to properties. One very important reason that is being looked upon by aviation and concerned authorities like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Federal…

Human Factors in Aviation

A large number of flight accidents occur mostly due to lack of efficient vision of the surrounding environment. Traditional visionary systems rely on synthetic vision or specifically vision of the existing environment devoid of mist, fog and other abnormalities. Real scenarios require the ability to provide reliable vision overcoming natural hindrances. Humans learnt the art…

Environmental Impacts of Aviation

Noise is said to have a variety of definitions. For people who are inclined towards acoustics, noise is identified as a complex form of sound waves that have irregular vibrations and has no known pitch. In the field of engineering, noise is considered as a signal that interferes with the detection and quality identification of…

Environmental Impact of Aviation

Today, the world is bothered by the environmental issues reverberating in different parts of the world. Part of this environmental issue is focused on global warming. As part of the whole world’s response on the important concern, laws and policies have been drafted. Some of the known environmental policies are Clean Air Act and the…

A Preventable Disaster in Aviation

There is a common belief that airplanes are designed with safety in mind, given that the area that it travels through is actually rather dangerous and inhospitable, which is the upper levels of the atmosphere. In addition, it is not difficult to consider the risks involved in traveling at such altitudes if the method of…

Tool Control Program

Aviation means any activity created by human with may be with respect to manufacture, development and design. There may be civil aviation, naval and Military aviation. The tool control program is one of the activities in aviation. The aircraft will have more than 100 different types of maintenance service departments. All such departments will have…

How Did Aviation Evolve During WWI

Aviation could be said to be the design,development,manufacture and operation of heavier-than-air craft. The dramatic advances made in airplane designs since the Wright Flyer of 1903 are the result of technological gains in such engineering fields like aerodynamics,propulsion systems,structures and materials,control systems and avionics. Contributions to technology have come from research conducted by many private…

The impact of human factor studies on aviation accident statistics

Ever since the jet transport was introduced in the 1950’s, the number of aircraft accidents resulting from mechanical failures has dropped considerably (Sexton, Thomas & Helmreich, 2000). Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about human-error related accidents whose overall rate remains significantly high and stable over the past few years (Shappell and Wiegmann, 1996 as…

Human factors in aviation accidents

As a result of researches that recognized the existence of human factors in error management, the aviation industry also began to take initiatives to reformat aviation organisations. The aviation industry shifted to a more open culture that valued communication and at the same time recognized that human error will always be present but through time…

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